About Us/User Rules:

HandMadeCrafts.ie is an authentic Irish craft website. We are an online crafting community who’s aim is to showcase:

  • Irish crafters and their products
  • Irish craft fairs
  • Irish craft courses

Crafters can create a personalised profile in order to advertise the crafts that they create.

Organisers of craft fairs and craft courses can also advertise on this site.

Members can also create new topics / threads on the Forums page in order to talk and interact with each other.

HandMadeCrafts.ie is committed to providing a safe, fair and pleasant environment for all members. The guidelines and policies listed below will give you an insight into what is expected of you as an HandMadeCrafts.ie member. Please read them carefully.

You are responsible for reviewing and understanding HandMadeCrafts.ie policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the website’s terms & conditions page.

General rules:

  1. Personal abuse / Discrimination: Discrimination in any form and use of bad language are not allowed and will be deleted.
  2. Forbidden Items: Check the full list of forbidden items on the Forbidden Items page.
  3. Select correct categories: Please select the appropriate categories when creating your profile.

As a member, you are committed:

  1. To being honest and ethical with the detail contained within your profile.
  2. To keep all listings accurate and current.

Breaches of these policies may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Removal of profile.
  • Account suspension.

Thank you for reading these rules, and please enjoy HandMadeCrafts.ie!