My earliest memories of making are with fabric, wool and embroidery threads from time shared with my grandmother while sitting by the fire. She would sit in her favourite green tweed skirt a crisp clean white handkerchief peeping out the pocket, while she would sew and tell me stories of her past. I sat opposite her on a small wooden stool, listening and learning to sew. I adored being with her and making things. My grandmother told me endless stories of things she did as a child, transporting me to another place and time. Today my world is filled with my own crafts and creations inspired by my love of fabric, threads and wool. I love nature and how it feeds me inspiration everyday to create, wonderful, weird and interesting crafts. My mind is always full of new ideas which come from the sights and sounds around me. In the small wee hours my mind is often buzzing with ideas for my dolls and pictures. My fabric pictures evolve as I make them. Although I start with a basic idea, this grows, shifts and changes until the textiles, paints and stitches take control. My dolls take on a life of their own, gaining a personality and eventually existing as an independent personality. I trained and worked at teaching through art therapy encouraging teenagers, adults and people with disabilities to explore the world of art and crafts. I loved every moment of it. My love of mixed media combined with the magic of my grandmothers traditional values keeps me creating everyday. I count my blessings being able to create and continue to be inspired by the wonderful world to which she took me all those years ago.

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